Food Waste & Recovery Work Group

The CFN Food Waste & Recovery Work Group (FWRWG) (formerly Food Recovery Work Group) comprises stakeholders representing Food Waste, Food Recovery, Food Repurposing, Food Conservation, and related areas with a shared goal of better understanding and advancing the food system of the Chesapeake Bay region. The FWRWG is a space for regional learning opportunities, discussions, updates, and collective action.

Nancy Nunn, of the Harry R. Hughes Center for Agro-ecology, is the FWRWG Chair.

The CFN Food Waste & Recovery Work Group (FWRWG) invites all interested stakeholders to join our next quarterly meeting coming up in late spring of 2017. Details coming soon!

We’ll use Zoom videoconferencing to enable video for all willing to try it out!

Please register so we have a sense of who is planning to attend.
You can also choose to register that day just in time to join the call.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

You can find an overview of the agenda below and a detailed agenda here.
Prior to the meeting, participants are encouraged to review the agenda and:
1. Send any additional agenda items to
2. Note your name, organization, and 1-2 current projects in the table on the agenda
3. Learn more about the Work Group, share information, and connect with members via our Google Group.


See what the Work Group has been up to, view resources, and check out past meeting agendas in our Work Group Drive Folder.

You can view the minutes from our previous meeting here.

February 9th 1-2PM EST Agenda – overview
    1. Welcome & Communications
    2. Introductions
    3. Overview of the Food Waste & Recovery Work Group
    4. Follow-up from Repurposing Food & Reducing Risk (Emerson/Good Samaritan Act) webinar
    5. Follow-up from MDE Food Recovery Summit 
    6. Updates on CLF Regional Spring Workshop on Food Waste & Recovery 
    7. Updates on Food waste and recovery legislation across the region
    8. Announcements/Closing