Network Development Series: Weaving the Web

network learning

The Network Development Series offers education and support for strengthening networks and opportunities to grow organizational capacity. It includes webinars, in-person meetings, regional tours, and workshops that create spaces to share lessons learned, hear from experts, and strengthen our collective capacity.

Upcoming events:

Tour: Chesapeake Foodshed & Community Viability Learning Journey

Fall 2017
This bus tour of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed will highlight Network participants and best practices, including urban agriculture and water quality and conservation measures.

Past events:

Webinar: Enterprising Nonprofits: How to Accelerate Revenue and Impact
July 2016

Webinar and Interactive Videoconference: Tools and Practices for Highly Effective Networks
September 2016

Meeting: Cultivate, Catalyze, and Connect- A Gathering of Food System Councils and Networks
October 2016

Webinar: For Us, By Us: Community Ownership & the Food System in Washington, D.C.
January 17, 1-2 PM EST