Coffee Talk Webinar Series: Learning and Connecting for Action


The Coffee Talks provide a virtual platform to help catalyze connections around specific food system topics. Each Coffee Talk features resource experts who highlight innovative approaches and strategies to connect, engage, and dig in deeper after the webinar.

Upcoming Coffee Talks:

April 2017 – Digging Into Healthy Soils and Carbon Farming

Past Coffee Talks:

September 2015 – Pesticide Impacts on Pollinators, Aquatic Life and the Food Supply  & What’s Being Done

October 2015 – Impacts of Antibiotic Overuse & What We Can Do to Affect Change

December 2015 – Maryland Grown: A Review of Production and Consumption

January 2016 – A New Year’s Resolution You’ll Want to Keep: Green Your Community and Reduce Your Community’s Food Waste

February 2016 – Why Regional? Incorporating a Regional Perspective into your Work

March 2016– Overview: Assessment of Food System Efforts in the Chesapeake Foodshed

April 2016– Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

May 2016– Community Food Rescue: A Model to Feed More and Waste Less

Early June 2016Unlocking the Black Box of the U.S. Local Food System: A Discussion of USDA’s Census of Agriculture and the New Local Food Marketing Practices Survey

Late June 2016 Regional Farm to Institution Insights: Learnings from Stakeholders Across the Value Chain

August 2016 Navigating a Treacherous Landscape: A Practitioner’s Guide to GAP Food Safety Certification & The Food Safety Modernization Act

September 2016 – Farm to Institution: Focusing on Equity and Impact

October 2016 – Sustainable Agriculture with or without Labor?

November 2016 – Learning the ABCs of Farm2Childcare: Perspectives from the Farm and the Childcare Center presented by the Planning Council

December 2016 – Tools & Strategies to Facilitate Access to Land for the Next Generation of Farmers: A conversation with Holly Rippon-Butler from the National Young Farmers Coalition

January 2017 – Repurposing Food, Reducing Risk: Legal & Practical Dimensions of Putting Excess Food to its Highest & Best Use

February 2017– Healthy School Food Maryland: Pushing Schools toward Local, Scratch-Cooked Food Using “School Food Environment Grades”

March 2017 -Navigating a Treacherous Landscape: A Practitioner’s Guide to GAP Food Safety Certification and the Food Safety Modernization Act (Part II)


We invite food system resource experts to use the Coffee Talk platform to engage with a broader audience.  Contact us if you would like to lead a Coffee Talk.