“Challenges and Opportunities to Build a Chesapeake Regional Food System”

Part of the CFN policy series, this webinar follows the national food strategy presentation and discussion in June, focusing us regionally in the Chesapeake. Stay tuned throughout the fall and winter for CFN-hosted topical and practitioner-led discussions around state and local food policy!

All are welcome.  Come to the table!

Webinar Description

Join this regionally-focused webinar to dig into strategic next steps towards a Chesapeake food system that is environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable. This webinar is based on the recently released “Health, Safety, and Welfare? A Report on the Factors that Favor or Hinder the Flow of Local Food in the Chesapeake Bay Region”, commissioned by The Harry R. Hughes Center for Agro-Ecology, Inc. & The Town Creek Foundation. The authors will share findings that highlight the need to build a local food system as an alternative to the prevailing system. While both grassroots (bottom up) and grasstops (top down) efforts are needed, grassroots efforts are far ahead of those from the top down. From research, surveys, and policy assessment, the authors will share suggested key next steps, including adoption of a common goal as a framework to integrate our efforts; making “the case” for local foods; and evolution in policy, the supply chain, and buyer/consumer relationships.

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Resource Experts

Joe Tassone, Environmental & Land Use Planner

As a private consultant and land use planner for the State of Maryland for 35 years, Joe has worked to advance public policy toward sustainable human ecology. Through research, intergovernmental & public/ private sector collaboration, legislation, regulation, publications, & program administration, he has managed growth, development, land use, preservation, public spending, and transportation to better support communities, local economies, and water, forest, agricultural and natural resources; and supported farming, forestry, and food policy that is ecologically, financially, and socially sustainable. Greg Bowen, AICP, Principal, Land Stewardship Solutions LLC

Greg has been a farmer, a land use planner, a land preservation specialist, and a planning director for a Maryland county. After creating his consulting firm six years ago, he helped to develop and operate Maryland’s FARMLINK program and a mentor-match program for beginning farmers. His firm has conducted research on the future of agriculture and impediments to a regional food system and helped to prepare agriculture plans for farms and jurisdictions. His passion is preserving working rural landscapes along with their ecological and culture assets.

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