Water Cooler Chats

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Water Cooler Chats offer a chance to further discuss challenging topics and questions from Chesapeake Foodshed Network webinars. For a week, the focus webinar topic, resources, and accompanying questions will be central to CFN’s Facebook, culminating in an hour-long live Twitter Chat over Friday lunch.

We invite everyone to join in! 
Share your expertise, share your questions, share your challenges!

If one of these subjects is close to your heart and/or your work, send us your favorite questions and resources at info@chesapeakefoodshed.net

How Do I Participate?

It’s easy!

To join in on Facebook, just post like you normally would,  include the topic hashtags, and tag Chesapeake Foodshed Network, as well as any other participating organizations. You can also post directly to the topic post on CFN’s page. You can do this any time during the week we’re hosting the Water Cooler Chat, October 10-14.

To chime in on Twitter, just tweet during the Water Cooler Chat hour using the assigned hashtag (#CFNchat). You can search Twitter for the hashtag to find tweets from other participants and questions from moderators. Be sure to use Twitter handles when responding to or asking a question of specific participants. Feel free to jump in as you’re able; we value your contributions. We’re a positive and supportive community!

Past Water Cooler Chat:

Farm to Institution (with a focus on equity and farm to school): October 10-14, 2016


  1. How do you successfully make changes in kids’ (or adults’) dietary habits?
  2. How do schools best instigate farm to school programs and utilizing school garden produce in the cafeteria with an eye to food safety?
  3. What does farm to school have to do with equity and food justice?
  4. What does farm to school education look like in action?
  5. How can food equity be better built into farm to institution programs?

You can view the Live Twitter Chat from October 14 by clicking here